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Route Spain | About us

We are a Spanish team that knows how to help you at any times, from the moment you decide to set off on your adventure to Spain. Route Spain was created with only one purpose: to make everyone who comes feel at home, like part of a big family. We want you to come and not miss out on ANYTHING from our land.

Thanks to our agreements with different schools, universities and study centers, we can offer you a huge range of possibilities, so you can choose the option that best suits you. These study centers are not only characterized by being the best: they have excellent location, with unbeatable facilities, quality and variety. In addition, the price of the course is the same if you hire it with us than at school; but, if you decide to do it with us, you will have full free advice, and a laaaaaaarge number of additional services to enjoy doubly during your stay in Spain; expand your horizons practicing many outdoor sports, going to parties, planning trips, discovering our culture by immersing yourself in ancient Spain with the best guidance, encounters, adventures… When you come with us you don’t have to worry about anything other than learning and enjoying, you won’t miss anything you have to live. We take care of our family, so we take care of you!

Route Spain | Help you

Who is behind all this?

This team is made of travellers, “wanderlust”. We have experienced personally what it feels like to be away from home. We wish people who come to visit our environment not to have these shortcomings. So, we have created Route Spain to give you the best of Spain, making you live the best and enriching experience of your life, looking for quality, and the economy of your pocket.

Route Spain | Living in Spain

Do you want to know us a little more?

This is the team that will escort you in the adventure of your life 😉

Ana Fresia

Foundress and CEO

Spanish lover and sports, education, and travel enthusiast, she has dedicated to unite all her passions and create this initiative. This is how Route Spain was born.

“Follow your dreams and never give up!”

Jesús Rico

Sports Activities Coordinator and Route Spain Agent

Carmen Márquez

Sports Monitor and Route Spain Agent

Pedro Maestre

Audiovisual Coordination

Selene Sánchez

Journalist and Route Spain Agent

Begoña Medina

Route Spain Agent

Carmen Ballesta

Sports Agent

Daniel Laguna

Graphic Designer

Marta Téllez

Tourist Guide and Route Spain Agent

Javier Lobato

Route Spain Agent in Australia

Andrés Jerez

Route Spain Agent in Chile

Carmen Campayo

Route Spain Agent

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Study in Spain

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Route Spain | Living in Spain


Route Spain | Help you