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Route Spain | Living in Spain

For you, who live abroad and are looking forward to know Spain, study our language, live adventures, and immerse yourself in our culture… We can (we want to) help you! Route Spain is a team that knows how to help you at all times, from the moment you decide to set off on your adventure to Spain. We counsel you on everything you need. We are your compass, marking your destination… You decide your own route!

Route Spain | Living in Spain

And why Spain? Living in Spain is simply… Amazing!! It will captivate you from the first moment. Why?

Learning Spanish is a guarantee for success, being the mother tongue of more than 400 million people around the world. Yes, English is great, but Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. Are you going to miss out on the opportunity to learn it? We know you won’t, and that is why we will help you speak it like a real Spaniard and expand your employment opportunities, by taking you to the best schools on the Iberian Península. We offer you quality, and best prizes.

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey Spain ranks as the best place in Europe for expats in terms of life quality, and second overall, just behind New Zealand. In addition to being a unique experience that you should live at least once in a lifetime, it will be the cheapest option for your wallet! The Spaniards pay, on average, about 400 Euro per month for rent.

If you like to learn on your trips, here you have a plethora of options. Monuments such as the Cathedral of Seville, the Alhambra in Granada, the Mosque of Cordoba, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona… show that Spain is a country of contrasts that has enamoured many cultures of the world and continues to do so today. We will prepare for you the best and more thorough tours 😉

We are a true gastronomic feast. The Mediterranean diet is the basis of our cuisine, and certainly a guarantee of a longer and healthier life. To top it off, eating in Spain is incredibly cheap! Don’t you want to try a “tapa”?
The Spaniards. Spain is one of the most social countries in the world, and its people are among the most hospitable. So don’t hesitate, if you need a change of scenery and are prepared to live among laughs and good vibes… come and visit us!

In case you want to study at University in Spain, quality education is guaranteed for international students here, as their university studies have been recognized as the first university institutions dated back to the 13th century. The only Spanish-speaking country to have modified its curriculum to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the Council of Universities ensures that schools in Spain reach the necessary quality levels: this means that the first cycle leads to a graduate degree, equalling 240 ECTS spread out over 4 academic years.

Whether you are a beach, mountain, snow, forest, or desert lover, you will find your perfect place here. To the south, there is golden sand, crystal clear waters, white and cobbled cities. To the north, there are cliffs surrounding rivers and endless lagoons, large cities, green meadows.

Thanks to the natural landscapes that this country offers us, we can practice many different sports for all tastes. From Route Spain’s travel and adventure section, we will make sure that you do not miss a single one!

Pack up your suitcase! Take sunglasses, sunscreen (IMPORTANT), and swimwear, because in Spain, you can enjoy the beach and pleasant temperatures in the middle of winter! Yes, just as you read, here, you can enjoy a dip and a day at the beach in March. Here, we boast of our over 300 sunny days a year, and no other country in Europe can offer that.

Admit it, “fiesta” is probably one of the first Spanish words that you learned. We love parties! ☺ There’s something for all tastes, because, due to the great cultural diversity of our towns and our cities, you can go on an authentic route of festivals, fairs, and parties.

Route Spain | Help you

How do Route Spain helps you?

Thinking about going to study to Spain for a while? From the moment you decide to start your route to Spain:



Housing help



Health insurance

Route Spain | Help you
Route Spain | Living in Spain

And when you arrive in Spain...


We’ll meet you at the airport with our Welcome Pack and take you to your accommodations. You will never feel lost with us!

Mobile SIM Card

We want to give you “el buen rollo español” (the good Spanish vibes), and help you disconnect from the beginning, but not too much! We will help you open a cell phone line as soon as you arrive.

Bank account

We’ll help you open a Spanish bank account.

NIE (foreign ID number) and student ID

We help you process these documents as soon as you arrive so that you can be a true Spaniard.

Help looking for work

We help you prepare your resume so you can find work any time you want. we know what businessmen want to see in your resume! If you tell us all about yourself, we will create the perfect presentation to set you on track for finding your first Spanish job


You will only be alone when you want to be. We offer you a family to belong to, so that you always feel at home. And, haven’t you seen the advantages of belonging to Route Spain? Thousands of activities are waiting for you!

Activities, cultural excursions and adventures

To stop it is not allowed!! We will fill your schedule of activities. You will meet people and enjoy our history, landscapes, monuments, the best gastronomic routes, atmosphere, and activities in places that will leave you breathless, all in one only pack. Nobody else can offer you as much as we do!

Study in Spain

Study in Spain

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Route Spain | Living in Spain


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