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Are you interested in working while you are studying in Spain? We have good news for you!

This possibility will be valid for you in case of:

You are from the European Union: no matter how long you will be here, you can work from day one. It is quite simple to attain all of the things that you need to work in Spain.

You have a study visa: it’s possible to apply for it, if you are staying in Spain for more than six months to study.

You will be authorized to work up to 20 hours a week (half-time job), as long as:

The work does not interfere with your studies.

You’re not using the money you earn to support yourself while you’re in Spain.

Work permit has got the same duration as the contract: it cannot extend beyond the period during which you are authorized to study.

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Job opportunities

If the job activity does not coincide with teaching periods, the authorization will enable to work full time, and its duration may not exceed 3 months.

There are numerous jobs in Spain for foreigners with specialist skills. Seasonal work in the tourist trade and teaching English in Spain are both popular sources of employment for foreigners, as are services catering to the large expat populations along Spain’s coastal regions and in major cities, such as Seville, or Malaga.

Otherwise, Spanish is typically a job requirement; so, if you learn Spanish (we are here to help you), opportunities will increase for you. On the other hand, if your level of spanish is bashful and you only think in improve it, and the idea of working with children on your study year sound good to you, you can also consider becoming an au pair in Spain.

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As an expat you have the opportunity to learn, while you are working, one of the three most widely used languages in the world with 400 million speakers, giving you a competitive advantage on the local and international job market.

Route Spain helps you prepare your curriculum (a European-style resume for Spanish job interviews) so you can search for work any time you want. We know what businessmen want to see in your resume! If you tell us all about yourself, we will create the perfect presentation to set you on track for finding your first Spanish job.

5 reasons why you should consider to work in Spain:

  • The language
  • The quality of life
  • Social life
  • The weather
  • Cost of living
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How do Route Spain helps you?

Thinking about going to study to Spain for a while? From the moment you decide to start your route to Spain:



Housing help



Health insurance

Route Spain | Help you
Route Spain | Living in Spain

And when you arrive in Spain...


We’ll meet you at the airport with our Welcome Pack and take you to your accommodations. You will never feel lost with us!

Mobile SIM Card

We want to give you “el buen rollo español” (the good Spanish vibes), and help you disconnect from the beginning, but not too much! We will help you open a cell phone line as soon as you arrive.

Bank account

We’ll help you open a Spanish bank account.

NIE (foreign ID number) and student ID

We help you process these documents as soon as you arrive so that you can be a true Spaniard.

Help looking for work

We help you prepare your resume so you can find work any time you want. we know what businessmen want to see in your resume! If you tell us all about yourself, we will create the perfect presentation to set you on track for finding your first Spanish job


You will only be alone when you want to be. We offer you a family to belong to, so that you always feel at home. And, haven’t you seen the advantages of belonging to Route Spain? Thousands of activities are waiting for you!

Activities, cultural excursions and adventures

To stop it is not allowed!! We will fill your schedule of activities. You will meet people and enjoy our history, landscapes, monuments, the best gastronomic routes, atmosphere, and activities in places that will leave you breathless, all in one only pack. Nobody else can offer you as much as we do!

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